I met Sharon in 2013 at a Capoeira class. Right away I could sense an amazing, warm, kind, loving spirit who puts everyone at ease and makes everyone feel welcomed whenever she is around. She always has something in hand to give or share. It is not often you witness such compassion or thoughtfulness these days, but she always thinks of everyone around her, wanting to bring comfort, happiness, or just a smile to their day… and she always does!

We’ve connected on many levels over the years, and I am proud to say that I was able to witness her own personal growth from the day we met up to today. Sharon walked the path to the relationship she wanted and in doing so has not only created it, but now helps others find their way to the relationship they want.

What makes Sharon so special is that she is very unique in her approach. She really CARES and shows people in so many ways that they are not only special to her, but if they need anything, she is always there to help in any way she can. Whether it’s over the phone, virtually, or in person, she is there!

I have turned to her myself on a few topics while on my relationship journey, and she has helped me greatly as I shared my thoughts, and where I wanted to go to create the relationship I want in my life. I always feel such support, compassion, understanding, safety, and love from Sharon. I know I can share anything with her and she will not only support me, but will be there for me.

I can say that if you want to create the relationship you have always wanted and need someone who not only has experienced many in her own life, but who will be there for you in a nurturing and understanding way as you work to create yours, then you’ll find the right person in Sharon. 

~ Shira W.